Write for Tarasa Hurley's Real Estate Blog: A Guide for Contributors

Are you a real estate specialist or a professional with insights to share? The Tarasa Hurley team invites you to contribute to our blog. We're seeking guest posts from experts like you. Alternatively, if you have an in-niche website (real estate or Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania local) and you're looking for content, we'd be happy to write a guest post for your site. Additionally, if you run a real estate blog and seek outreach opportunities, we're open to forming a partnership.

Please note we do not offer or receive payment for a guest post. If you even ask about payment, you probably will not get a response. We want quality content that is useful to our readers.

Suggested Topics for Your Article

Our audience ranges from first-time home buyers to locals interested in the area to seasoned real estate professionals. We're interested in a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Real estate investment strategies
  • Navigating the market with an agent
  • The home-buying process
  • Tips for selling your home
  • Home renovation ideas
  • Mortgage advice
  • Home insurance insights
  • Moving Tips

We also welcome articles on local topics such as:

  • Neighborhood guides
  • Local attractions and businesses
  • Parks and recreation
  • Community events

Whether it's advice for those involved in buying, owning, investing in, or selling a home or local insights, we're open to your ideas.

If you have a real estate website in another market, we're also willing to collaborate with relocation articles between our city/state and your area.

Understanding Our Audience and Tone

Our readers are primarily interested in real estate and local topics, particularly those related to Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania. However, we also welcome general real estate content or articles linked to related themes like home improvement, design, decor, and personal finance. If your content or links are not relevant to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or the United States in a significant way they will not be accepted since ultimately this is a local website.

Your guest post should offer valuable tips or exciting information in a helpful yet authoritative tone. Aim to empower our readers to take informed actions based on your insights.

Submission Guidelines

To ensure quality and consistency, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Word Count: Articles must be 800 words or more.
  • Backlinks: You may include up to two relevant backlinks to your site. We request a minimum of one authoritative link to a well known another site that is not yours. We will remove irrelevant links. Typically we do not accept backlinks to non-United States based sites, as these would be considered irrelevant to our audience. We also do not accept backlinks to services that have no relation to our audience (for example a local business in another state that cannot serve our audience in any way - note that a moving business in another state might be relevant though for relocators).
  • Citations: Support your facts and data with backlinks to credible sources.
  • Structure: Craft your article for online readers. Use H2s to break it into sections, use bullet points when appropriate, and keep paragraphs short.
  • Promotion: While you may reference your company if relevant, articles should not be self-promotional.
  • Originality: Submit your article as a Google Docs or Word document. We check for plagiarism, so ensure your content is original and unpublished elsewhere.
  • Images: Must have permission to use or be free of copyright restrictions.

Upon submission, we'll review and edit your article within two weeks. If revisions are needed, we'll return it for additional work.

We look forward to your contribution and the value it will bring to our readers!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you charge for a post? We DO NOT charge.
  2. What do you charge for link insertion? Again, we DO NOT charge.
  3. Do you accept casino links? We DO NOT accept casino articles. We also will not link to casino sites.
  4. What are the charges for CBD? We DO NOT accept CBD articles. We also will not link to CBD sites.
  5. And how long will the post be published? Posts are typically permanent unless they are found to be plagiarized or have some other issue.
  6. And how many links do you accept in one post? 2 links to your site maximum.

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