Get to Know Your Pittsburgh Home Before Renovating

Get to Know Your Pittsburgh Home Before Renovating

Are you contemplating a home renovation? It's wise to step back before repurposing rooms or choosing that "perfect" black and gold color scheme. One of the best things you can do before embarking on a home renovation journey, especially in Western Pennsylvania, is to reside in your home for some time. Here are three reasons why you should genuinely settle into your Pittsburgh abode before initiating a renovation.

Understand the Unique Spaces of Your Home

The house might seem ripe for drastic renovations upon moving into your Pittsburgh area property. However, after residing there for a few months, you may develop a deeper appreciation for its unique nooks and crannies, especially if you live in a historic city home. You'll discern which spaces require a facelift and which might need minor touch-ups. Waiting allows you to ensure renovations are aligned with the home's actual needs rather than just perceived ones.

Discover the Quirks and Challenges of Your Home

Pittsburgh area homes, especially the charming older ones, can harbor surprises – from hidden coal chutes to vintage wiring. Living in your house before renovations will familiarize you with any potential infrastructure challenges, be it an aging terracotta plumbing system or a foundation needing care. Identifying these potential challenges can prevent unanticipated expenses and mid-renovation complications.

Focus on Value-Driven Renovations

Familiarizing yourself with your Pittsburgh residence can also steer you away from impulsive, aesthetics-only decisions and towards renovations that enhance your home's functionality and resale value, like a new roof or furnace. While it's tempting to quickly put a fresh stamp on a new space, understanding how you use your home daily can guide more intentional, value-driven renovation decisions.


Spending time in your Pittsburgh home before renovating sets the stage for more thoughtful, efficient, and cost-effective upgrades. This approach will offer insights into your space's authentic needs and challenges. Still, it will also ensure your renovations genuinely resonate with the character and charm of Pittsburgh's diverse housing landscape. So, before diving into those renovation plans, take a moment to truly live in and appreciate your home.

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